Fire & Life Safety

A fire breakout in an occupied enclosure such as a mall, atrium, airport etc generates a large amount of heat and smoke which may prove fatal for any human presence

Green Building
It is a model to estimate how much energy structures would use at what times of day and year, where sunlight streams into rooms, and how bright it is, and how much air conditioning they need.


Heating,Ventilation,Air conditioning
Controls temperature, humidity and air quality inside a building.
Especially important in medium to large buildings such as office/residential towers.


The process of ”changing” or replacing air in any space to control temperature or remove moisture,smoke, carbon dioxide, etc.
Ventilation includes both the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within the building.

Cooling Tower

The hot saturated air (plume) emitted from the discharge side of a cooling tower may be partially driven towards it’s inlet due to the prevailing flow dynamics around the cooling tower


In automotive industry, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool is used and customized in five major areas: vehicle aerodynamic effect, thermal management (cooling and climate control),cylinder combustion, engine lubrication and exhaust system performance