Industrial Ventilation
GAPS Engineering & Engineering Provides Following Products for Industrial Ventilation.

Big Smart Fan

High volume low speed fans, an other popular name of Big Smart Fans in the industry. As its name says these fans are capable to handle very high volumes with minimum power consumption making it smart.
The fans have maximum speed of 100 RPM for smaller diameters & 60 RPM for bigger diameters.
These fans have capacity to handle volume of air up 608400 cmh and 18,934 sq ft area.

Axial Roof Fans

Axial roof fans designed to be installed for roof curb for normal & emergency ventilation. The casing and baseplate is made of mild steel and treated with hot dipped galvanised to handle extreme weather conditions. The motor leads are extended out to the terminal box on the casing for easy electrical connection to the fan. The fan impeller and hub are made of die cast aluminium alloy.